Sledgehammer Games

Meet Private Robert Zussman, Red Daniels' closest friend in the 1st Infantry Division. #CODWWII



Jonathan Tucker


I like Robert


This is my favorite character


No exos 1/10 ign


Out standing


He is gonna kill red


He is 100% gonna die


Hi will be dead before the end game


He is already dead


Chicago ftw

We know he gonna die


So hyped for this omg


Johnny Manziel


@pretty__funnyy every game of all time


To bad the graphics arnt that good in the real game that gets released


ayyyeeee im 5’8


Ready for that zombies gameplay...


Anyone else getting a β€œband of brothers” feel to the campaign so far?


When are we gonna see campaign gameplay?


Know these guys he is gonna get killed when we like this dude then we have quick time events to kill the β€œboss”


Hes same height as me


Hopefully the world stays normal for a little longer so everyone can enjoy this game


Que quesito


Robert is short


@alex.au_ I feel the main character will


No i just mean tank just fits in this game @laneherr


@its_bloodshot115 no it doesn’t need tank, tank can stay in treyarch, it’s refreshing to have new characters and not recycled characters bud


@laneherr ik but this game just needs tank bud


calling it rn hes gonna die

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