Maybelline New York

Watch our Maybelline IT Girl, @ginashkeda🇨🇦, get her best brows. She's using:
brow precise micro pencil in 'soft brown'
brow drama shaping chalk powder in 'dark brown'
brow precise fiber volumizer in 'deep brown'
We ❤️ the look! #mnyitlook #mnybrows





@nathaliamcewen es este babe el que uso y sale muy bueno


When did natural eyebrows ever look like this were nice before hidious


Yikes wtf


would try this but you test on animals... go cruelty free!!


Bence doğal hali daha güzeldi ama yine de sen bilirsin @felicityyy123


No me gustó :/


@jessynbeauty . nein wäre ein anderer gewesen.


@nadine_elias1 hast du den gestern mitgenommen?


@p.azzz necesito esto!!!


Queda anti-natural


That fiber volumizer wasn't needed, she already had nice brows


To dark. Should've just stuck with the micro pencil and then blended it out. Looks too fake.


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am i the only one who thinks her natural eye brows are wayyyyyy prettier than the ones after?!


Okay YEP this sold me. No longer contemplating. Def getting these @maybelline ❤️👌🏾


Yes girl!


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💄New makeup account everyone please follow💄


@evy.martinezgonzalez mira este lápiz para cejas!!


They look like 2 black worms over her eyes No. Wayyyy to dark even after the pencil to start with


Looks its awsome i really wanna try it soon


@momomomituno salió un lapiz más economico kaja


que llegué a Chile por favor😣


Brows on fleeeeeeek


Her eyebrows we're fine prior to all that extra nonsense with the pencil, etc. Pretty ladies are applying makeup and coming looking like trannies. Please stop.

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