Puffer jacket? 🔛 🔎 1062001

Puffer jacket? 🔛 🔎 1062001




Check out


Nahh looks like shes gonna do some work on the M1


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Perfect for this winter !


definitely need this jacket


@abaugh404 haha girl with those rings she has on for half a sec I really thought it was you! But riiiight!! We shoulda kept our old stuff. Busting out my 8th grade anorak and ish 😂😂


@britthijenga jaaaaaa coooool!!


Umm is this me circa 2004? White tees, puffer jackets, and forces 😂😂 it hasn't even been 15 years.😒 Fashion regurgitated making me feel old @mahatir @maha_f_baby @onlyhereforfood


This is everything 🖤


I like puffer jackets


#asseenonme check out my last post I'm wearing a head-to-toe asos outfit xx




haven't receive my order yet 😭



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