Red Bull

Don't try this at home (unless your skates are on already).
⛸️: @ecredbullsalzburg
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Salzburg, Austria






@moe_fit so wie wir 😀


Это твой спорт @mihanti


@jesse_sivula talvella merellä mopolla


@isaac_gf9 if it doesn't freeze the way it did last year we are SOL


@isaac_gf9 why didn't we at least try this behind the quad....


@sammysmigs94 I'll do it if you do it


I want to do that


i want to do this but have @jonolsson1 as my driver


The all new suzuki vitra .. amznG


@steel.magnolia42 yup have to do it if we ever go back


@steel.magnolia42 we were there in salzburg why didnt we do this


I want this song...


@joeshuadams wait I'm so down


@skydick let's do this


I drive car and you make sky darling 😊😊 @michaelus.p




@caspershots @jscohen3 the Canadian version of what we did in high school.


@kylesinstaham gonna have to convince Kirby he needs an insty



@sophiefwhite cool! Haha we cpuld try it when you get your new skis babe!


@ryan.kellys this is crazy haha


Jeezuz, was doing this since I'm was lil kid


@oliviacoupe I've got my car, just need a tow rope 😂😂


@dezreec aw heck I would SO do this. Yunno I have my skates in my car today ... 😅

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