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Maxwell might be enjoying a well-deserved moment in repose, but we’re working hard to give his species a future — and this #WorldRhinoDay, you can too.
Because he’s blind, Maxwell will always live in the safe haven that is the DSWT Nursery, but the rest of his species is in trouble: Today, just 5,500 black rhinos remain on this planet. The Meru Rhino Sanctuary seeks to change that. The Sanctuary, which is currently home to 89 white and black rhinos, offers a protected place where these threatened animals can thrive. Now, they need our help to refurbish and expand it. We’ve already begun preparing the land for a new perimeter fence and, with your support, we will expand the existing Sanctuary by 70% while also establishing additional security bases to keep its inhabitants out of harm’s way.

To help us reach our $400,000 target and give Kenya’s rhinos a future, donate today:
Every donation makes a big difference!

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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