Jay Morrison- Visionary/Leader

Ever looking for a BOMB breakfast or lunch in #Atlanta... Come to @AutoSpaBistro!!! And get your wheels cleaned!
#Support ours.. #BoycottHoustons #ShutItDown ✊🏿

AutoSpa Bistro




@deltarrific I have never heard of this place. Sounds like a date! When are you coming?!?


@t_michelle82 you should take me here πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


Amen βœŠοΈβœŠοΈπŸ€—


Would love to patronize more black owned restaurants that don’t poison our bodies with animal byproducts. Not only are they cancer causing foods but it’s too a form of slavery! Wish we could start looking at generational wealth holistically including food and freeing us from mental, physical and emotional bondage that food causes. Nonetheless, I admire the work that you all do!!!! Conscious! @mrjaymorrison


@the_realest_ras When you know better you do better. Who dont enjoy having options


Never heard of them, but I will be patronizing soon!


I just opened my business in Atlanta would like to get started in real estate. Been following you for a long time my brother proud of you


Love that spot!


@b3autyandbrains boo..we have to check this place out ..πŸ˜‹


I ate there this summer very good


Cool, I'll check them out!!!


Pancakes with the crispy edges LOL yesss the bestttttty


That’s dope


Peace✌️my brother from Jersey..When you get a chance..Check your DM-from myself..


Now you get my respect Sir


My power family 😍


Wit the crispy edges frfr


Yaaaasssss crispy edges


@davidelshabazz welcome to the conversation,you're only a day late.I made my point perfectly clear I didn't back pedal at all if you read all the comments,I was just trying to let the young lady Know I wasn't trying to be disrespectful to her It's tough sometimes over text.This is America we all have the right to spend our money as we see fit I just think anyone with common sense would feel that video was racist if everytime he said black he said white.


I'll be there later this month


@b_thomas_81 that alone isn't racist


@b_thomas_81 stop it bro. You're diverting the conversation. You ain't sneaky. This is a focused protest with a specific purpose. We will not use our money at places that don't respect us. End of story. I don't see why you're trying to create confrontation, and then lie and say you didn't mean to come off that way.


Yeah!!!! I'm loving it!!!


La petite march is another awesome black owned brunch and breakfast spot. We have lots of options I never understand why people make it seem like it's only celebrity spots that are black owned.


Omg yesss Crispy edges are everything @mrjaymorrison lol




Never heard of this spot. Must go!


Their food looks real like homemade.πŸ˜‹

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