Suki Cat

As you know, Suki loves to play around water... on our last canoe ride she decided there was something more interesting going on at the shore and went for the jump! 💦 She is an excellent swimmer (this isn't her first time testing the water) but this was a chilly day for a wet cat so we took her back to the cabin to dry off by the fire. ✨😸



What kind of leash is that?!?


Az én macskám egyáltalán nem rajong ennyire a vízért. Szépséges vízi cica vagy!


@sitirosyidahr Gemes😂 itu nyemplung sendiri gila:v


@sehfuu lollll jumping in the water???? 😩


@pervin.ce hahahahahahahahaha finde ich sehr gut NO RISK, NO FUN kennst ja mein Motto 😂😂😂


wooooow i wü so oane 🤦🏼‍♂️😍 @july___x


@constancedf okk 2 dans le monde on progresse 😂




He is Killed himself😮😳


The camera language of "oh shit"


@rob.out hahahahaha


@wishi.x me wenn ich überlege dass wir nur noch 49mal Schule haben und dann die Abschlussprüfungen schreiben


@tereportas ay madreeeeeeeee como te salga así jajaja me enamoré

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