The Boss Rick Ross

#rp @kim_k82pr ..Today I had to stop and recognize a Queen 💎

#rp @kim_k82pr ..Today I had to stop and recognize a Queen 💎



@richforever I love it. Rick I think your so handsome mannnn and with the weight loss I'm sure your health is great. Wish I could have more kids. Cause I sure would ask to have your son 😂


U jus chasnged her life


Why did hips don't lie start playing on my head! Lol


That's whats up


Blessed yo Rozay that's the way it ought to be no matter what...


Had a great time with you and the crew on this trip to mobile. Awesome experience.


I want that T-Shirt. Where can I cop one???


Gòod morning


Ross still slim....I'm proud of that


IOnViDeO and myself......Dani💋


i like your page!


see you at the top!


Can somebody gameshare me rainbow six siege for PS4!! Favor for a favor 😉🤞🏽


Salute !!!


The big boss tel me


Click link in bio‼️‼️😐😐😐🔥💪🏾💪🏾


Checc out Chi'nee Yang on spinrilla and SoundCloud 💪🏾🔥💦‼️™️

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