Maggie Gyllenhaal

Episode 3 tonight on @hbo #thedeuce

Episode 3 tonight on @hbo #thedeuce



Very good and Happiness


Vous êtes merveilleuse dans cette série un humour une sensualité pour une série assez trach aussi bravo pour cela @mgyllenhaal


This show! Feelin' a rising female power...


Eres hermosa y una gran actriz @mgyllenhaal


When the entrepreneur light bulb turns on....🤔


Loving this show! My daughter and I watching from different states while she is off conquering the world. Thanks for giving us another weird little way to stay connected. 💙💙


@mgyllenhaal please check your dm! It's about helping a little girl battling cancer!! 🎗️🎗️


I love this show!


Great show from a great actress. This show is dope!!!! James Franco plays the hell out of his characters brothers. 👌🏾🌹


You’re a pro, your demeanor, stature everything @mgyllenhaal 👍🏾👍🏾


I am loving you in this show 😍😍😍#girl #awesomeactress


@mgyllenhaal your a amazing actress!!!! 😃😊


So cool @mgyllenhaal sending love! ❤️🤓


Love the show


Always been one of my favorite actresses. So talented. So cool. 😙


When does it coooome to Australia? @mgyllenhaal


Officially obsessed with this show and you are stunningly brilliant as Candy, @mgyllenhaal. I’m so impressed by you. You got moxie, kid!


♥️ crush on you!


My new favourite show


Maggieee! Miss Producer Sedeucer, love the show babes 👍🏼I hope, at the very least, bushes make a comeback after this season 🤗


We love the show and you are so good! @mgyllenhaal




Yes! Watching. And I just love Candy 🍭❤️


Love the show!!!


I love your work so much this is so great!!!!


Great music direction on this show!


Loving it!


@munkamoo ahhh I haven't watched episode 2 yet!


You're amazing

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