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Minute Maid Park

Caption this.




Hanging with club


This is your Daddy!!


Just a couple of friends enjoying the game of baseball


You know this kid


"He said he makes better enchiladas than you!"


Pujols: my son is taller than you and he's 6. Altuve: yeah well I'm better than you


When your friend has a friend that don't like each other


Remember this kid


Shhh don’t tell anyone I want to be traded


You short


I may be short, but at least I’m not fat and can’t hit anymore like this guy here.


When the two little brothers gang up to make fun of the big brother


When pujols says that the Angels have a shot at beating the Astros


Altuve: Remember when you were good? Pujlos: Remember when you were tall... Oh wait my bad


Go astros!


Hahahaha....He said you were pint sized!


You have to be this tall to win the MVP


When you think you told a funny joke but no one else laughs @mlb


Small, medium, and large.


He said he was going to get to 800 dingers


Look at this dude!


Just Retire Bro


Large medium small


Two and a half men


You trying to tell me pujols is your dad😂


Jose: You see those girls over their? Pujols: WHERE?


Haha he has more home runs than you!


Hey altuve this guy is statistically the worst player in baseball!


Correa: You really think your better than pujols. That's like me saying I'm better than jordan at basketball .


Got somethin on your jersey , its a goat


"He just could stand not being in the same division as us"


Remember when we thought they had made the postseason


"is it being your kid to work day"😂


"They thought they were making the wild card"


New commers and old guys we have it all at the MLB the small and big there all good


How bout who shrunk correas jersey


Did you say you wanna be like Pujols? You gotta grow up first! Hahahaha @k_bistline32


He hit his first little league home run when he was your size

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