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300 @sickkidstoronto staff standing right behind me. Best superhero team-up movie ever.




anyways I do appreciate all the hard work that my doctors and the doctors at @sickkidstoronto do and I appreciate your support but just wanted to let you know it's actually still really shitty. Can't wait for @deadpoolmovie 2!!! Love magical hallucination bunny woman 🐰 #deadpoolcomicreference


@vancityreynolds I appreciate it but cystic fibrosis IS NOT "on the run"- it's still ruining my fucking life and killing people: I know we've made great strides, but we're A LONG way from allowing those of us with CF to have a normal life. That's actually why I love @deadpoolmovie so much because he dealt with a serious illness also and it's got a sweet pro disabilities message. I actually like to pretend that my mild CF turned me into a superhero also


@amandamcteague - are you in the commercial? 😍😍😍


Omg @zekeronie !!!!!!! We need something like this


Іти смердиш


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@avani_reddy my dad used to work at this hospital! Heck I've walked past this hospital everyday for a few years. It's just random seeing it's Insta page after so long. Click on hospital link in the caption. 🙈


This was very powerful and well done


Cancer is a horrible thing my grandpa died of cancer




Enter here and witness the wonders of treasures


I have 2 children that spend a lot of time at sick kids. I Thank you with my whole heart for making this video to support the sick kids foundation, hospital and all of the patients and staff. #VsSickKids


Are you Vrs sick kids?


The cutest :grinning:


Having been a patient of SickKids Hospital for 18 years, and now an inspired Registered Nurse, I truly thank you for sharing this video! You’re awesome @vancityreynolds 🤛🏻❤️




dicendo Istra ten va piu non tadizzo


@farhazhar wait for it.....


@vickychabridier I haven’t looked into this but maybe something worth investigating


Sick Kids Hospital was the reason we had almost 36 years (1973-2009) with my late brother. They do amazing work.


Goose bumps ..... awesome

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