Levi Sherwood

Nice day to break in a new bike 😁 #ktm #250sx 📷 Dave

Nice day to break in a new bike 😁 #ktm #250sx 📷 Dave




Wtf that is huge..




Holy shit man.


Amazing 🤘


Easy the largest ever done


🤔 I think you need to stretch it out a weee bit more 😂👌 #kidding !


Shot D dot!


Awesome picture


No flip leavers? If so keep it real


What's extension lol


Wow man, this is bigger than most right side up KOD!


Awesome shot !! Especially with Stu's ute in background😜!!


What in god


"N" shape for NASTY ....


@toddpotter1 wow u started this thing, how in the world did he take it this far?




Shot Dave


Insane 🙌🏻


That is fucked up. And I mean that in the best way possible




Morning stretches before play time! 😎

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