Grand Ole Opry

It's a block party with @blakeshelton and friends to open @oleredtish in Oklahoma! 🐾

Ole Red Tishomingo

It's a block party with @blakeshelton and friends to open @oleredtish in Oklahoma! 🐾



AWESOME BLAKE!!!!!🤔🤔🐈🐱🐺🌹🎶🎵🎶🎵💜💜💜💜💜


Was so great! And the high point for me (although Blake concert - always incredible!) was hearing & watching Jeannie Seely & Ronnie Milsap. I loved their songs & their stories. I'm like Blake & was born knowing those songs! So great to be able to watch them on FB. Thank you! Can't wait to visit both Ole Reds when you open up Nashville!! #oleredtishomingo


Amazing. Blake is always awesome in concert!


Blake as always was GREAT. I wish I could have been a FREE Blake Shelton concert. My co-worker and her husband went and said it was so much fun. They bought some Ole Red merch.


Now THAT'S a block party on steroids! Loved watching the live stream...❤️👏🏼❤️😍👏🏼👍🏼


What a beautiful sight!❤️


What a weekend!!! It was epic!!! To be able to see our cowboy both Friday dn Sat was the nicest thing ever!!! What an accomplishment!!!! 👏👏👏👏😍


Thank you it was awesome! ❤️Tish and its welcoming Ole Red. Great town ❤️


Enjoyed your Live Stream of this so much. John Conlee one of my all time favorite singers. Loved his performance and Blake, of course, especially his duet with Gwen.


Wish I was there.



I want to visit this fine State one day👍🙏☺️🤗


@opry I got to be there in Tishomingo tonight! It was amazing!


So excited that @blakeshelton shared his Grand Opening tonight of @oldredtish with all his fans who couldn't be there tonight!! And thanks to @opry for making this possible..just so awesome of y'all!!! 👍👍🐕🐾🤠💞


@opry @blakeshelton @gwenstefani @oleredtish @facebook thank you so much for airing that concert live tonight. Hubs and I watched from CT with my mom who LOVES Blake. I mean we all love Blake (and Gwen) but she adores him! We spent the day up in MA celebrating her 75th birthday. Saw the live broadcast was happening and she was just enthralled. Completely glued to my iPad and told me it was a great surprise. Thanks for capping this special lady's day by sharing Blakes's incredible moment with us. That crowd gave me chills. The Opry is an amazing experience whether it's in Nashville or Oklahoma. Best of luck on the venture, hope to hit the Nashville spot on our next trip down. Y'all are awesome!


You know that a party


I have visited that street never dreamed it could hold that many people


Awesome !!

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