Project 6/6 for the watercolor classes today @creativeescapelosgatos @watercolorwithkendra #thedailymarker30day #aistamps




Aiyoo so cute 😘😘😘


@lilgmat thank you so much, Hellen! 💕


@lizstamps_15 thank you Liz!


This is gorgeous! Amazing water coloring


Your water coloring is amazing!


@artimpressions super fun time! Kendra is the best!




Looks like you had a lot of fun in class! 💗


@jodythorsen I had a great time taking the class! Maybe you and Hellen can find a local spot to learn?


This is so pretty Michelle! Good for you. I want to learn watercolor but I just don't do it.


Looks awesome!!


So pretty!


These are perfect


So lovely


So nice!


Looooove this


@otakufeebs aww thank you Fiona! You're so kind! I just followed instructions 😂💕


These are lovely Michelle, you have real talent 💜💜

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