Grand Ole Opry

Ole Red Tishomingo is officially open! 🐾β™₯️ Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the grand opening! #PaintTishRed

Ole Red Tishomingo

Ole Red Tishomingo is officially open! 🐾β™₯️ Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the grand opening! #PaintTishRed




@debbie.pieterse All of us can be at times. She's got a big heart. Loves him. And her and the boys were there to support him. Peace to you.


@debbie.pieterse that's okay. You really should listen to her interviews! She's pretty cool and down to earth. Nothing like her stage persona. ☺️I think you'll like her.


@stepbystepdreamer You’re right, it’s not for me to judge.


@watson_80 You’re right. I can be a bit judgemental


@kati_lowe you’re right, I shouldn’t be judgemental


Greatest concert ever


Congrats blake


Blake has never been happier 😊


@stepbystepdreamer get a life. We have a right to our opinion. Get off your soap box


We were there and all the artists were great! Blake was fantastic as usual! And having Gwen there to sing their duet was an awesome surprise! We always love it when they sing together!


Blake was fabulous. I enjoyed his duet with Gwen. They are an especially endearing couple who have been able to entertain us and show us what love can be.


Thanks for sharing with us. What a good time! So enjoyed the musical guests...Ronnie M., Jeannie S. and John C.! I loved seeing Gwen and Blake perform their song together! It's always a treat! There can never be too much love and music in this world! ❀️


@kyfry2429 wow - this is amazing! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


@debbie.pieterse nope and she doesn't try to be. She's singing a duet with Blake. And she's an incredible songwriter and artist in her own right. Not sure why people who don't like her keep saying "she's not country" like she just tried to write a country album or something. I always thought country people were kind & caring & welcoming....but apparently I was mistaken. πŸ’•&πŸ™to you & your family though. Have a blessed day πŸ™


@seaview1026 @beachgirl508 No, she looked beautiful & happy & fun. I hope you find beauty & happiness in your world & people who aren't fond of you for no reason refrain from leaving nasty posts on your IG feed. Being angry takes a lot of energy. Let love wash over you. πŸ’• & πŸ™ to you.


Thx for sharing the FB Live - I've watched it twice all the way through! Loved hearing classic Opry members Jeannie Seely, John Conlee, & Ronnie Milsap - so wonderful! And up & coming artist @raelynnofficial slayed! And @blakeshelton was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Thx again & congrats on #oleredtishomingo πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ’•πŸ’•


Such an amazing night and so well deserved for Blake Shelton. And so happy Blake and Gwen treated us to the duet. Love them!


@beachgirl508 I’m sick that we have the same name 🀒


Thanks Opry for sharing Ole Red Live amazing 2 nights love Blake. So happy Gwen was there with her man and they sung there duet together love seeing them sing that . Love seeing them so happy and it shows how much they love each other .


Such a special weekend for Blake and all those who love him. Especially Gwen. She is so support of him. It's always a pleasure and a privilege to see them perform the duet together. Two real wonderful people in love and enjoying their lives.


What a great show! Gwen and Blake are great together. You can see how in love they are!


Congratulations to the Opry, Blake and all involved. How amazing for the Tish community. He is such a talent but also such a generous and good hearted person. What a great ambassador to the CM genre. Wishing him, Gwen and everyone huge successes in this venture.


@beachgirl508 for starters that's not the Opry stage; that's at a block party in Tishomingo, OK. Second, you may not like her fashion style and that's fine but to be completely disrespectful to one whom has done nothing to you speaks volumes of your character or lack there of. Lastly, never judge a book by its cover... Gwen Stefani is a wonderful mom, friend, and significant other never mind an extremely talented singer and designer. Maybe next time think twice before being so uncouth!


Loved seeing Blake, Gwen and Raelynn...great show! ❀️


To the beachgirl and debbiep saying Gwen isn't country. Country music is open to any one that want's to listen. It was a wonderful night of MUSIC and fun and good times. That, and showing good manners like your parents taught you, is what country is all about. She is Blake's love, she supports him and they wrote a very successful song together. Blake is adored by many because he is loyal and hard working for his community, Besides being a great country music singer, he is a superstar all over the world. Everyone loves Blake and will continue to do so. Longtime BSer


I always love Gwen and Blake singing together. They need to do it more often. Their chemistry is undeniable. God bless them.


I always love hearing Quinn and Blake singing together. We need to do it more often. Their chemistry is undeniable. God bless them.


I love Blake! What a great performer. Love Gwen too. They are a great couple.


The grand opening and the live feed were amazing! I never tire of watching Blake perform, and making the night even better was seeing Blake and Gwen perform the duet. Love that song!!Love, love them!!


Such a beautiful grand opening in Tishomingo! Congratulations to Blake and to his lovely town. It was wonderful watching the live streams...watching the performances and seeing Blake so happy! His duet with the beautiful Gwen was awesome! Adding Tishomingo to my bucket list...πŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


Blake looked so happy all weekend! So glad he's able to embark on this new adventure and has Gwen by his side through it all!!! Those two are perfect!!!

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