Maggie Gyllenhaal

Heading to the movies...#thedeuce




You're GREAT in the show-but I want my sweet Angel Candy to be HAPPY, do you hear me?!? I want GOOD things to happen to her in Season 2.


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@mgyllenhaal You are fucking PERFECTION.


I'm totally hooked on this show! Every new episode is just getting better and better. Your acting has always been top level but this goes above the rest and beyond. #feelinggreatful #maggiegyllenhaalforpresident


Great show!


Love the show u my favorite @mgyllenhaal


@mgyllenhaal I haven't seen yet a performance on tv that has stuck with me for so long (if we can even call what you're doing a performance..because for me, itgoes beyond that) what u r doin is so f****** brave... Just brilliant, stunning, stunning! a punch in the stomach.. thank you and keep the good work my dear.. You are fierce.. - from a colleague and also a fan, Nicolas. ❤️⭐️🎥👏👏👏


You're phenomenal.


Love, Love the show 👌🏾


You are so captivating!! @mgyllenhaal


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My favorite show hands down! So proud of you! @mgyllenhaal 💖


Is it true there's going to be 3 seasons each 8 episodes?


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So so great! People really starting to talk about it! 🔥🔥🔥


You are amazing on this show.


Love the show. You guys and gals scored


Great episode last night....really felt Candy's struggle.


The HBO show is based on the book Take Her To The Dark Side, The Things a Woman's Body Was Made For. I am surprised they do not put it in the credits. The book was written in 1970 and republished several times, all the characters are the same.The novel is more graphic as it is xxx rated and HBO can only go so far with that. Pretty cool show though, I will continue to watch it.


So cute


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Classic beauty


Cool will look forward to it.. secretary is still one of my favourite all time movies! You rock Maggie


The side chick is hot


Great work 👍🏻 love the show




Love you 💙


Your the mouth of death #mod #mouthofdeath. Haha lol everyone point and laugh at Maggie. That's how I want to go out lol




Can't wait to have the time to sit down and watch this. Sounds like an amazing show and the reviews I've read have been very good.


Best thing on TV right now!!!! Love your character!


Excellent film @mgyllenhaal 👍❤️☘️

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