Grand Ole Opry

Tonight, Music City came together to show love for all of those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. ♥️ @vincegillofficial

Ascend Amphitheater




So beautiful! Luv you ,brother!


Sent a chill through my soul, Beautiful


One of my biggest icons and idols, have always loved your music, when I was little I always wanted to be like you singing along to every album you did and still do. ❤️ @vincegillofficial


Love you! Vince


Thank you Vince




Beautiful Vince... My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected by Vegas... Right now the town over from my hometown are dealing with tragedy right know in their community a teacher lost his life in a bus accident and 5 kids were injured. It makes me so emotional and ask why would anyone want to hurt anyone. I just don't understand it. I ask that we all keep these innocent people in our thoughts and our prayers.




Absolutely, beautiful.


It was amazing. Everyone was so sincere and I cried thru the entire memorial. Every song and every prayer was so anointed . God put just the right ones together to pay tribute and to bring us all closer. Thanks Chip, Vince &Amy, Allison and Family, Keith and the Mayor. Touched my heart !


Thank You Vince Gill that was "Amazing" ❤️🙏❤️


Baby face as my dad would call him. Love his voice!


Very sad! 😥


Beautiful ! God Bless the victims and all the families ..Praying for Vegas .. Lord I'm praying for our country to come together become united and stop hurting people continue praying.. Amen


Awesome but so sad.


Beautiful and very sad at the same time


Beautiful. Hopeful. Encouraging. @vincegillofficial


Beautiful ❤️


It time to come to God's Love for we have eternal life which no one dies. Through Jesus Christ.


Prayers up for all ❤️☝️☝️❤️

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