Welcome to Washington, Dave Martinez!

Nationals Park

Welcome to Washington, Dave Martinez!



So proud of you, David!!!!


Where’s the Brian b day post


Of course u take our guy😑


Still liked dusty better...just needed to put werth away for a little bit


Welcome we need a World Series Championship ⚾️👏


Solid hire


@janeconkey he looks good as is


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Quick - get him a good Nats hat


Mmmmmm m........welcome!


Not feeling this move for some reason. Maybe because he was a bench coach 🤔🤔. Doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. But we'll see.


@zmu522 don't be mad and You nats fans give our bench coach a chance you have nothing to lose but just keep the faith.


@adam__cory as a cubs fan I say damn you nats fans can you be little faithful and give Dave a might have the best coach ever and still win nothing...just remember Dave might come with fresh ideas as a young visionary of baseball so new coaches tend to have better game plan than those well-recognized coaches and you never know if he can get the nats yo reach a World series so keep the faith alive!


Yes Dusty got them there! You can’t blame him. Still a National fan. Love love Taylor-made. Outstanding Job!!!


Waiting to see the members of his staff


@darrellm_28 I spent $150+ to get disappointed at the game too. Dusty would still have his job if he just had the guts to tell Jayson to sit on the pine for the playoffs. Anybody can manage this team to the playoffs, the division is to weak, and our team to powerful. He has always struggled managing a bullpen, even in '02 with the Giants he blew it because of a bullpen decision.


@whoskole He is Hispanic


@zach_baller21 well, werth went 3 for 4 in game five so it wasnt that bad


@zmu522 and or... don't use words you can't spell. It makes you appear "ill-educated"


@radnoczi78 he got fired because they realized he wouldn’t go anywhere in the playoffs. He started Werth over Kendrick and really just wasn’t their fit


Welcome Dave Martinez! Let's do it in 2018!


congrats Dave.


Welcome sir. Start hypnotizing those players now so you can control their every move in the playoffs.


I'm still trying to understand how you fire a guy that wins 95 and 97 games in his first two seasons. That really doesn't instill faith in anyone coming in who wants the front office to support them.


@remmy1616 I promise they don’t


@natsinsider I want girardi because he’s a good manager and lead the 2009 Yankees to a championship who weren’t nearly as good as the 2017 nationals


If he doesn’t win 97 games and the NLDS he should expect to be fired


Good Luck!


Have fun with a bench coach


@amyecloeter get over the spelling..

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