Sledgehammer Games

Carentan, a classic and favorite map of ours, is BACK in #CODWWII! Available Day 1 for Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition owners.
Check out the trailer and get ready for action on November 3rd.



God the m1 grand reload is satifing


Was the stg even invented during dday?


The actual game has Battlefield 3 graphics




Why the game have better graphics in all trailers? 😂


@reject_rayz ignore @nick.301_ that’s an Epic idea.


I like how they only have 9 maps, and 17 locked behind DLC walls


Dem! I cant wait


@reject_rayz you’re stupid


Please remaster some world at war maps in future dlc


I will destroy everyone


So if I just have the vanilla version of the game do I get to play it nov 3rd?


@leeroy_jenkins1945 im saying the cinematic does not the game


what remake is this


Looks like bf1


Already downloaded and ready for the 3rd


So excited 🤗🤗🤗


Booooo, only 9 maps. Make this one free.


Hyped ready to Dominate!


Most hyped game since no mans sky


Hey you making us wait tho? 😂 it’s killing me


@kg_4922 you just came thru clutch bro thanks big time 💪💪

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