Anybody experiencing trouble with the Easter egg? Twice out of the 10 times I’ve done it, it’s bugged out and after shooting the zeppelin for the second time, big boy doesn’t show up. It’s happened twice now. Once co-op and once solo.


Its an easter egg symbol for The Final Riech zombies map


Yoo do xbox ppl get it a day early if theypre orderd it


Sadly I cannot play this November my console is no longer working 😩 tell me how ww2 is y’all


Could those be Prestige emblems?


Bro it comes out for me on Thursday at 11pm


Watching this make me scream in a restaurant.


I might have to cancel my pre-order so I can fully pay off my Xbox One X


It comes out on midnight at Thursday night


@idubbzismydaddy yes it says the same for me








@sledgehammergames my countdown says 2 days. Is that's because i preordered the deluxe edition?


for me is 2 day


Thursday night needs to hurry Pizza and CoD.


Add me on Xbox One


Can't wait for Thursday night


Is there going to be custom emblems


Emblem or wapon costumisation


@j4shcroft alright bro I will


All y'all add me at DeMoNkInG1915


@j4shcroft guys add me at DeMoNkInG1915


@seanbuggy102a probably not they just dropped the carentan trailer like 2 days ago


@j4shcroft I missed the beta so just so excited to play




Is there a trailer dropping


@j4shcroft mate so stoked. Played the beta straight and really enjoyed it. So many new spoilers have come out too


@recklessabandon182 sweet G can't wait for cod


Now it’s 12 hours

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