Posts like these make my life a bit better lol


Why can't I prestige I thought you fixed this !!!!! 😭😭😭🔥


Jesus Christ that scared the hell out of me


That actually scared the freak out of my


Guys please follow us we are a little cod esports clan😆


Ugh I want it to be Christmas already so I can get the game ugghhhhhh


Holy sweet Jesus I almost died😂😂😂


No lie I got scared


لاتشوف حسابي ماراح تقاوم الـ🍰🍮🇰🇼🇰🇼


This too scary to be cod zombies


Did you know in 15 minutes you could save 15 percent or more on car insurance


I only hope they change the screams of the zombies they sound dumb at the moment


Almost almossssy got me


Are there gonna be jumpscares? In nazi zombies trailer locks like yes and now, you scare me with THIS! 😂


From the gameplay ive seen, please not have the zombies yell like every other half second jesus


I oder ww2 in september


And the guilt of those who asked for the game months ago😒


Release it tonight all the disk copies have it


Your zombies remind me of the movie dead snow sound the same


That was scary cant wait


Fxck the 3.Nov why you dont relase it before haloween


So cooool

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