Venus the Two Face Cat

🐾 Had to share this very creative and informative cartoon from @citythekitty and @redandhowling. 😺 🐾 Not all declawed cats suffer permanent damage (so please don't overlook declawed kitties in shelters) but enough have suffered to bring light to what the procedure really is. πŸ™€Follow @citythekitty or @pawproject for more info. πŸ˜½πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸΎπŸΎ #Repost ......From @citythekitty (@get_repost)
Word! πŸ‘πŸ»#pawsneedclaws #ouijaboard #halloween
Please thank @redandhowling for this awesome cartoon video and for helping our cause!!!!😽❀️ #stopdeclawing
Please tag a friend to help get the word out that declawing is inhumane and harmful to their cats! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜½Spooky tune by @bryanaspey ☺️



That’s a horrible game


This is so cute!


I don’t understand declawing, it’s common sense cats scratch a lot if you don’t like it don’t get a cat, simple really


@pedrolopez06 thank you for the response!


@hannah.smh dont declaw her, she would be fine if you cut only the tip of the "nail". Thats what I do with my cat @arthur_the_cowcat and he is totally fine. Just dont cut too deep or she might feel uncomgortable.


@tutseeroll same now im worried


yeah so you should never be around a cat again :)


🐱o my good🐱


@ocjensen do not declaw her


I rescued a cat and she gets very scared and attacks me and my cats sometimes but I don't want to give up on her so I was thinking about getting them trimmed or something. Please help me I don't know what to do.


I have witnessed declawing & it is inhumane & awful


@3ethie just put it to sleep or something idc


@casperkat1499 I see people will make up whatever story they want so that they can keep believing what they want. It's cruel end of story. Living with a person who obviously doesn't care about them at all isn't good for them. You aren't doing them any favors let someone who will actually love them get them.


@3ethie cats pretty much have pain free lives anywayd unlike us. And better than letting em get the death syringe


that cat didn't ask to be your pet, or to be seen as a piece of property that can be modified with disregard to its own wellbeing


if you can't stand claws then you shouldn't get a cat, that's selfish and cruel. declawing is the equivalent of cutting off the fingers from someone's hand on the last joint, and it causes pain even after the surgery heals


a sibling has four cats and they have enough scratching posts to where they don't go for furniture;try getting more posts and if you have enough, try coaxing them to scratch those instead(besides why would you get a cat if you aren't willing to deal with it's claws?then you don't really want a cat, ad that's plain selfish)


@casperkat1499 you say the pain is worth it like you'll be feeling anything. You just shouldn't own cats.


What is this


@kjvll my nails won't wreck furnature so no


@casperkat1499 I guess it's also worth ripping you nails out for stupid is reasons


I can't believe people do declaw cats.


Can you burn a Luigi board?


Love that


@because_melina @annwi03 @izz.sandy sogar diese katze spielt mit einen Quija BrettπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (hab trotzdem Angst)


@toad420_ idc about pain I'm not having my furnature scratched, I'm declawing mine when I find a place


@casperkat1499 just cut their nails every week. Problem solved


@casperkat1499 no its not. Stay on top of trimming their claws or a cat is just not for you. Maybe a dog instead


We have a cat who has no front claws but back claws


Creepy but right hehe


The pain is worth it if they are scratching expensive furnature though...


@chloe_faith_girl try putting a tiny bit of catnip on the scratching board, try different kinds of scratching boards (my cat loved cardboard ones, some cats don't care for it and prefer rope-wrapped ones or carpet ones), and put natural cat deterrents on areas you don't want them to scratch, like lemon scents.

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