Bro u and kp can fucking run ny.. glad your home.


@starboyli_233 still I know knick haters where hype but I'm like chill we don't play d don't get hype l but he needs to improve on defense and to create his own shot he's just a slot up nigga and fast break nigga if we had a pg that can run


@casper_the_friendly_joee harden torches everyone though lol


@pablobx yeah yeah yeah. Have a good day.


@bernardoornelasii is private cuz I don't need no f***** ass n**** like you looking through my page f*****.............


I love you Timmy


@pablobx shut your bitch ass up. Coming to my profile lmao. That's why your account is private because you're afraid of people attacking you on your appearance I bet. Pussy ass.


Play some defense bro please I know it isn't all ya fault but harden torched you. Step it up please


@bernardoornelasii make me little b****


@e7_d3 good for you man, don't get me wrong. but you should have let me know :/


I dropped you on October 28th in fantasy league and you suddenly got the inspiration?


@e7_d3 are you for real?


What happened to you on 28th?


Team basketball New Era


Stop with your little bitch and ball Lee said it was his bad for not cutting. Bitch just like you father.


Look at the way you been acting the last 3 games like a five-year-old come on man grow up


I've been noticing in the last three games now the announcers talking about it


Stop acting like you mr. perfect every time someone else mess up...... You f****** up man


you know your attitude is going to have you sitting on the bench


please follow!!


😥❤️🙏 God bless them all


Wow !! Adorable ☝️🔝❤️


Win it not just for the organization and yourself. Give us some joy and play for our city

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