#WingsLogoWednesdays Spring ‘85 #NikeAirJordan #AirJordan


Davian Q. Johnson

The streets set fire to the Jordan brand. Nike forgot that, and until they remember, they will continue to decline.


Love this edition of #WingsLogoWednesdays


Summer of 85 I went on an exchange trip to the US and brought back a pair of the Larry Bird Converse. Kid at my school also went to the US on holiday and bought a pair of Air Jordan. I had never heard of them and was a bit confused because “Air Jordan” sounded like an airline but this was a Nike shoe (Nike Bruins were my first proper sneaker in 1983) - anyway, these Jordan shoes looked cool and my friend got an Air Jordan logo pin badge with the shoes, which he wore on his school blazer. First person I knew to have Jays in the UK.


When you could just walk into a store and buy them for a reasonable price instead of all this drop date limited supply nonsense...

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