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“Lucky me...” @hbo #thedeuce ep 5

“Lucky me...” @hbo #thedeuce ep 5




OMG-the Bad man hurt my Turtledove...and got AWAY with it (again!)


You are so amazing in this show!!!


In Episode 5, the ONLY bastard I wanted to kill MORE than that Evil John, was the hospital resident (and I'm an MD myself.) "LUCKY?!?" Lady, you'd be off the street and in my arms the same day. And, then I'd hunt down the assailant!!


Deuce based on 1970 pulp erotica.


I am so AMAZED bout ure work at the deuce! Just finished this episode and u are such an FLAWLESS actress. I am a 30 years old Brazilian obsessed bout the old 70/80's New York. And this show is giving me life. U are soooo good! Congratulations @mgyllenhaal 🌹


Your work in this episode is over the moon fantastic. The scene on the street where Rodney tries to get you to join him is perfection. Maggie Flanigan always says you should be able to mute a performance and still understand the actions and what's happening; we don't need to hear a single word for us to get it. Great work.


@mgyllenhaal can you please post video of you and your brother Jake Gyllenhaal saying hello for the confirmation that you have passed my best wishes to him. I am very big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal




Great show!


Hurry up and start filming your own pornos Eileen!! (Is something I never imagined I would say). Awesome show, watching from Barcelona ;)


I think you rock! I'm loving the show. Nothing but love for ya Maggie ✌🏼💖😊🌺


Intense episode.


Loving this series!!! Awesome job Maggie


Girlllllllll....the Fierceness!!! Thank you for INSPIRING and bringing TRUTH! Beautiful!! 🌟🙏🏽🙏🏽


I tried to write on here to you but it wouldn't post so I tweeted it to you. Please read my tweet. Best,


Phenomenal work. You deserve maximum returns for your exquisite efforts. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Hospital beds : played @_undermine


Great Episode


Greetings from istanbul! What an amazing performance! We are addicted to the deuce🙌 @mgyllenhaal


Kudos to your make up artist!👊🏼👊🏼🔥


I am very big fan of your brother Jake Gyllenhaal from India. He is not active on Instagram. So please pass on my best wishes to him for his super duper act in movies. @mgyllenhaal




You are SO GOOD.👏🏼


Absolutely OBSESSED with this show!


Utterly astonishing performance last night, @mgyllenhaal ❤️


@mgyllenhaal The Deuce is great, thanks for having me on set 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Let's hope I make the second season 🙏


Again, if she doenst get an Emmy, this shit is rigged....


Prepare your Emmy, SAG, Golden Globe speeches NOW, Maggie. 🏆


Damn Candy !! Don’t give to Rodney (methodman) loving the show !


Add me


Best new show this fall. Episodes keep getting better. Scene with Candy being tormented by pimp on the street is award worthy.


I kept saying ‘No Candy. Do not cave!’ The way she walked away, then listened to his pitch, then walked away again then was drawn back. Agonizing to watch! Expertly acted!


Straight up legendary performance @mgyllenhaal i dont ever comment but i felt your performance 🏆

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