Jake Roark Kodish

It's out!! My video to #Raindance by @marianhillmusic is on YouTube ▶️ | Go watch the full clip now! | Link in bio | Part 1/2 | Filmed by @timmilgram -------------------------------------------------Teaching a NEW combo tomorrow at @theplaygroundla 930pm!!!

4,409 Playground LA



@itzmaliaaaa this too bruh😍😍


توپه توپ دمت گرم


Fire! 🔥


You are amazing 😍👅💦💦


Nasty 💯🔥💯




@lea21x8 YAAASS neue choreo




You are absolutely amazing!!! Love this combo!! You smashed it🎉🎉🎉


omg it totally looks like him at first @alyssaludian


@faithneolani_ @ayeitsneva I thought this was Matt lmao


By far the most amazing combo you ever created! I absolutely love your work, hopefully i‘ll attend one of your classes on day 😍😩🙏


Ughhh so fucking good my hero




youuuu crazyyyyyy af broo!!! this is gooodd


He aint playin. He slays!!


Gelişmişsin soproud


Bu iyiydi


Each movement is so intricate how are you even human 🔥🔥😍😍


You have such a gift🌹


@nat_kwan ...likeeee honestly ...how many people do you know can hit beats like this :"(


@nat_kwan .....theres no way in this world you cant say this guy is beyond amazing






this is breathtaking


This is amazing




Dude... 👏👏🔥



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