We need you guys to be LOUD Wednesday!! #RockYourRed #RallyTogether

We need you guys to be LOUD Wednesday!! #RockYourRed #RallyTogether




@laurenxmlinar And the Indians fans on the Yankees page are fine? 🤔


Did the Indians just clinch yeah that's a no


I have been screaming my lungs out with every play for you guys @indians let's do this #wwwwwwwwwindians


@justinmcmonty no the team that wasn’t even supposed to make the playoffs this year deserves it


People's elbow incoming


@duhitzrobboy look at yours little virgin


@chris.labella So the team with more championships than anyone deserves it?


@ssamaco I’m just trying to point out the positives. Negativity isn’t going to help this team in the slightest. AL Central champs means nothing? Things that brought fans together (win streak, clinching, etc.) means nothing? I’m sorry but no matter what happens tomorrow night this was an amazing season and I don’t know about you (or if you’re even a tribe fan)but I’m proud of them. I’m so happy to call them the team to represent the great city of Cleveland, and although it will be disappointing at first if we lose, we should acknowledge how great of a season it has been. By the way, Kluber can have a bad start every once in a while. Nobody’s perfect.


Get me some tickets and I'll scream for all 9 innings.


@nicklarosa1 look at ur caption😂 i think ur the loser here


Ya for those of you lucky enough to afford tickets....we'd better hear you! And please don't get quiet if we're down... That's when the team needs you the most!!!!!


@thespianswiftie If they lose it's all for nothing. Hard to be happy we beat up on a bunch of garbage teams if we tank in the playoffs against the first good team we play. Last time there was a must win game that Kluber started at home, well, ask the Cubs how that went.


Cmon Tribe we need a win


@ssamaco @justinmcmonty and the countless number of walkoffs, comebacks, shutouts, and of course the 22 game win streak. Absolutely nothing to hope for lol go tribe!


let’s go yankees deserve this a lot better then the Indians


So wish I could be there!! But I will be rooting loud from my living room


Wish we could be there!! 😫🙌🏼👊🏼 @junkssss


Come on, guys! You can do this! We all believe in you and are behind you!


And we need you guys to not choke in another elimination game and actually win tomorrow so we’re not disappointed


NY don't deserve it we do


GO TRIBE!! Beat The Yankees! We BELIEVE!🏆⚾️❤️😉


Let’s go!!!!!!💯🚨🔥 @indians


Kluber is a loser !!! #YANKSIN5


Yaaaa let’s go windiand aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!

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