For those of us who have visited the #OldSouq, we all have our own stories to share ❤️️#MyDubai
📸 @traffic_jaam

6,961 Creekside, Old Dubai



Love it!




@rajabtariq_ the traffic 😐


My favorite






Wow, this is beautiful! Would love to visit! ❤❤


So beautiful dear 👌🏼


❤😍💞 I'll be back here! I love this place.


My favorite part of da city @mydubai ♥️


puhur ❔ uğur ❕ 🤣 @boraeyy




I haven't been there for more than a decade 😬


@mrsbigsi was just gonna ask if that's where we went before I saw your tag. Cheap drinks!


الي عندو مشاكل في الوزن و الكرش يجي خاص




@ocakece puhurun kalbi😂😂


Cool photo


I miss this place 😍❤️


omg thanks for this @mydubai !!! 😍😍😍😍


my favourite part of Dubai!



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