Demi Lovato

Proud to share the trailer for #SimplyComplicated with you guys!! Can't wait for you to watch on 10/17! @youtube ❤️ Link for the full trailer is in my bio!!




Loves the movie and TMYLM is one of favorite songs. I so proud of you demi


Watched it several times, you’re a powerful woman


You are so beautiful ♥️


I love you so much Demi!!!


Even I don’t personal know you that would be so cool but I had show love @ddlovato I think dope 😩👌🏽beautiful I hope notice me


@ddlovato Just finished watching this! Thank you for sharing your story. Your spirit, your laugh, your wit and beauty, determination, you are an inspiration. ❤️


Watched this documentary @ddlovato you are truly inspiring. ❤️ you.


Proud is an understatement 😌❤️👏


Best documentary ever, so proud of you!! Loved it so much❤️


@_marleneitzel tiene tu mismo color de piel 😊




Nunca dejes de ebamorarme con tu preciosa voz


OOOOUUUUU , GO DEAR , I LOVED 😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Siapa yang nyanyi yah




Youre such an idol. Just by being YOU. You amaze me demi❤️


Im so proud of you for working so hard and being honest with people,loved ones, your fans and most importantly yourself you are an amazing woman :,) please reply to this lmao


😩😭 so much loveeee to you baby


obsessed w u


Best singer ever 💕 god bless you baby


Demi is the only one who is true and open about herself. She is brave, amazing, representative, strong, fearless, powerful and will always be this forever! She makes people realise that life has its up's and down's and we can fix it with love and passion. Demi is an Idol to everyone. A spectacular role model. #bestsinger #intheworld


You’re such an inspiration ❣️ so beautiful, keep being you ❤️


So pretty 😘

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