Tough job, but hell someone’s gotta do it.
Driving in my truck to work and stopped at a red light as kids were walking to school. * you kids don’t be like Uncle DJ and study hard in school or I’ll turn this truck around dammit. 👊🏾




Lindo, milhões de vezes lindo


Yo creo que moriría si veo a este hombre en la calle.! :)


Jésus your sexy👌


Loveeee youuuu❤️


Podia ter sido cmg


Te amo muito!! Tenho admiração




My kids and I love all of your movies, especially Muana and Jumanji 2..... Central Intelligence is also on our list of many.....


Remind me of my late husband, kind man to everyone especially kids..... He was a big fan.....


Good nice top my favorit


That's so badass lol 😂


Lindo sorriso 😍


Hey there, I have enjoyed surfing through your feed. Just wanted to leave a comment to support you. Good Job!


i love you


That's my president! Rock #2020


I Love You.. I am brazilian


You absolutely ROCK!😍😍 This video always makes me laugh so hard and makes my day better😂😉


I have saved collections videos 😂😂


😂😂😂 Fuckin Genius ! So much Luv 👍


✔️Vai ser lindo assim lá em casa!!! Impossível não amar, papai Noel me dê um dia de presente?!?! ❤️


Deus te abençoe sempre e toda sua família


You dont have to troll for compliments


@steph_djordjevic what r u trying to say

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