Adam Levine

Arts n' Crafts?

Arts n' Crafts?



I absolutely loved your video for. Wait!!!




this is y you are one of my fovorite people


Shot the fuck up.


Hatin with face paintin


@adamlevine this reminds me about Sunday Morning "paint a picture with my hands" i guess your wife is a blank canvas!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰


Hey!! Where can i get the shirt @adamlevine is wearing??


@adora_otaxx this is how they did it


Love this song and all the arts n crafts that went with it ..... lol....amazing


how did that painting get there hahah


Love this music video. Very crafty


When te das cuenta de que era una pista del nuevo video #Wait ❀️ puro love pa' todos


@joanetambok ulihi ko nlng na notice. Nag once over lng ko jg nag assume si behati hahaha


@deecaunca and ka dako boobs. Aaaghahahahha


@deecaunca sha ka puti para mag behati. Ahahahahahah


Si alexandra ni gali huuu. Pag kita ko ni kagabi tbi ko si behati hahaha @joanetambok


Ohhh now I get it


Now I get it!

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