David Guetta

Almost there !!!

Almost there !!!




Yeah, cool guy 😎 😏Don’t mess with him, ‘cause he will knock you down 😅 Oh, I’m kidding, I think he’s a very kind person. But... I wonder if David really have ever boxed before.. ‘case sometimes he was doing it in video clips... and it looks very cool and technical! Sport cool David Guetta 🥊💪🏻👅👌🏻


Le meilleur 😉😘


No te muevas Lo inm??vil


tal per la rena giu sen giva quello


The real Hero


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e perche nostra colpa si ne scipa


Legend of electronic music.


Este se parece 🤔será malo..


Parece ,pero no es ,tan fácil. Pero probar...bien.


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