Hannah Stocking

This is why I have trust issues. 😤
There's no place like BRAZIL! 🇧🇷⚽️ I fall more in love with it everyday I'm here (tag someone from Brazil)

São Paulo, Brazil




I am from brazil


I am from Brazil


My family from Brasil and Brasil 🇧🇷 is awesome no kidding




Got em lmao 😂


No!! Your Greek 😖🇬🇷


Coisa linda 😱


Are you taking it😂😹hahaha


Uhuuu brasillll


Brasileira de auma


I'm from Portugal... But I love Brasil 2!


myself because im from here


Lindaaaaa no BRASIL 🇧🇷


Aaahhh gente que linda 😍😍😍😍


Aaah agora amo ainda mais ela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I lovr brasil and neymar


Hanna Im brazilian


Eu sou brasileira


Uhhuuuuuu, e se vc fosse brasileira msm!??


@neymarjr well this is a person from Brazil😂🇧🇷


I'm in love with Brazil

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