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Selem Maria

@brettmgibson feminism is important,but she is a bad pearson. so get out of the movement "darling"!

Selem Maria

@brettmgibson mentindo sobre isso ela só piorou uma situação que já é complicada para as mulheres,que é a de ser levada a sério quando fala sobre o tipo de abuso que sofreu. Agora as pessoas vão achar mais ainda que mentimos por causa dela. I HATE HER

Morgan Mathis

Um Lena is a child molester; not someone we should look up to. Yeah, she took responsibility for what she did but she took the healthy mind and innocence of her little sister. Can you imagine? It's absolutely disgusting that she's even aloud to be free in society but especially glorified as a feminist when she forcibly took her sister's life essentially. As a victim, I can tell you that it takes your life, your sense of safety, worth, trust, happiness, and makes you see the world as a place where you're just here to be used; not loved or respected. To anyone who is a fan of Lena, please reevaluate your heart, logic, and empathy. She stole something that can never be replaced or forgotten.

Selem Maria

@brettmgibson YEEEES omg I hate her so much

Brett M. Gibson

@selemosportoins and she lied about being raped, after she said that women don’t lie about being raped

Selem Maria

She is racist so fuck her FUCK HER SHE IS RACIST

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