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Lena shouldn’t be here like please Cara get away from her.


All three plus that Cara cunt are and disgusting - no career there and Cara is in the way OUT - if she ain’t fuckin someone to put her in a B role she ain’t workin


ew lena dunham


@brettmgibson feminism is important,but she is a bad pearson. so get out of the movement "darling"!


@brettmgibson mentindo sobre isso ela só piorou uma situação que já é complicada para as mulheres,que é a de ser levada a sério quando fala sobre o tipo de abuso que sofreu. Agora as pessoas vão achar mais ainda que mentimos por causa dela. I HATE HER


Um Lena is a child molester; not someone we should look up to. Yeah, she took responsibility for what she did but she took the healthy mind and innocence of her little sister. Can you imagine? It's absolutely disgusting that she's even aloud to be free in society but especially glorified as a feminist when she forcibly took her sister's life essentially. As a victim, I can tell you that it takes your life, your sense of safety, worth, trust, happiness, and makes you see the world as a place where you're just here to be used; not loved or respected. To anyone who is a fan of Lena, please reevaluate your heart, logic, and empathy. She stole something that can never be replaced or forgotten.


@brettmgibson YEEEES omg I hate her so much


@selemosportoins and she lied about being raped, after she said that women don’t lie about being raped


She is racist so fuck her FUCK HER SHE IS RACIST


Oh man... feminism is nonsense now lol. There was a point it was valuable... not no mo lol


A lot of these don't make much sense like the one about love interests. That's just a plot device that is usually over played and poorly executed. And the one that says actresses can only play women is the stupidest one if your a woman your an actress and if your a man your a actor it's just a way to differentiate the two terms by gender.


Sandra, Milla K.and Lawrence


Why is Lena part of this post


girl we hate lena dunham and so should you


all these white bitches


Lena Dunham claims women never lie about being raped but then goes ahead and dismisses a woman's rape allegations towards a man because that man is Lena's friend. Oh what a wonderful "feminist" she is


lena dunham is a white feminist who is a child molester and she defended a rapist and wanted to have abortion for fun


Great message, would love to see more women of color represented.


@caradelevingne Didn't she defend a rapist, sexually molest her sister and also was reported to be racist by her coworkers? I'm a bit mad you haven't called her out.


Fuck that bitch. Molested her sister and wishes she had an abortion for the fun of it


Lena Dunham molested her own sister.


@plum.scumm wasn't she a child as well when this happened??? If so, what she did was still wrong but she was a child probably being stupid


Can they make these the same font and same color. I literally had an aneurysm reading these


She molested her little sister




Lena Dunham is a child molester.


@izzy.khan Not really, all they're doing is pushing these narratives that women are held back (They're not), which I believe is a detrimental thought to put in a young girl's mind while she is striving to succeed. They should stop complaining, especially considering that they are not oppressed and very successful and be thankful that they have the positions they do, and that they're able to have their voices heard more than millions of men ever will.


Allllll white women come on now @caradelevingne .... include your sisters not just your Cisiters


Whoopi straight up telling you that he is a tranny


Led off with an incestuous rapist... Bad move.


There's a love interest in every movie in every genre almost lmao


Lena Dunham is a child molester

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