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Perfect styling ❤️






I love youuu


Hi katy perry you beutiful


Its so miracle natural beauty picture


I can smell the peanut butter from Sister.. ⚡️🔹💥🔹⚡️🔹🦖


ew. u look like my mamaw when her hair was dark


خيليشا دادي


I love your songs


So pretty


So illuminati


Those shoes are simply strawberryific




کیتی پری بهم انگیزه میدی . عاشقتم


i miss katy’s Raven hair 🖤🖤🖤


Bon appétit baby!


@strefie baby you know I love my self so much, I Se my face and my freckles and I adore what I am and I have infinite faith in my self like I just know what I am will for ever like literally in the next life and for all eternity I know I'll be beautiful and functional and this moment in this life I Se just like a speck compared to infinity but infinity is how long we will be together! I feel my heart beat and I listen to my heart beat and I know I'm strong and healthy and I have no issues and I know I could live to be surfing and being well at the age of 100 and I don't mind if you want to have ten other husbands, I won't even stand in your way, but you know me, if one of them is delicious I mite want a taste! But you know I know we know we like to be alone together allot and I know we could spend years alone together and will be fine with seeing other people and even sharing our self with other people affectionately together, I love my self alone as well though baby, I seriously know I'm never alone because I'm allwase with you and Tictac fairy but I adore what I am everyday and I know it's my job to become as strong and good at my talents as I can so I can be more of what I love and also so I can be here for you!! I love you babys @katyperry @kimkardashian @theangelawhite @strefie @kanyewestt_official


Hello katy i love you


You're absolutely stunning in raven hair

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