Oklahoma City Thunder

Built to Go All Out. #OKC10

Built to Go All Out. #OKC10






Mvp iloveuuu




Lol best joke I have ever heard @vladnikolaj


He is bad af


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Russ is the man.


Thought this was giannis not going to lie @young_hooper17


The man the myth the legend


Sike nah


@alwaizwright yes bro but the game was one side up by 24 and later almost lost the game , i got big faith but watch that with denver a poor team is too bad our bench is good but not enough


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Flagrant in the preseason, dude is a cancer πŸ˜‚




@alwaizwright are just roockies man growing up now, u gotta understand what i say they need a good scorer from the bench


yup let’s get it πŸ’ͺ🏼


Omg last night i watch the true we dont have bench @g3org37 😩😩


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