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@__.sm29 شفتي الصور


@ko_marron want make in verse way


I got a curse than, i'm ungrase Colágen defect on my skin, than no much sun cause me cncr dermis


Lovely poem. True feelings of one's heart felt pain. Been there.!!


A masterpiece


@sabenschmitt the right ambient sounds would flow better with it than full on music, in my mind


I read this poem while watching Hick and I dig both. You always grasp the mood in a way that your audience can taste it. Plus you're super gorgeous. Keep on keeping on☺️


I️ love this


la gitto dentro a le bramose canne


@chloegmoretz I saw the I love you daddy trailer looks very good can't wait to see it x #iloveyoudaddy


I hope you put music to this, I imagined your voice when I heard it and it sounded perfect


Great job!!


Where is this from @chloegmoretz?


Come to my page to see my illustrations 💖


Wow you really made this!!😍 its amazing


So beautiful💗💗💗


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i mean to my messeges


pls reply chloe


پهنای ابروهات با پهنای بزرگراه Tehran_karaj یکیه😆


فازت چیه عمو؟؟؟؟

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