Starbucks Coffee ☕

Round about the cauldron go. Frothed milk atop white as snow. Maple, pecan, and brown butter adorn. The moon is full, a latte is born. ✨☕️ #MaplePecanLatte




brynna gerlach

i had the pumpkin spice latte and it was great

Hannel James

Nice it's lit ! 🤘🏿

Elaine Valdes

flauxless yes frappucino maple I tried it was awesome


@elainev517 mean a frappucino?

Elaine Valdes

@flauxless tried the maple frozen coffee super good

Juanka Landin

I' NYC right now and I need these kind of leaves

Patricia Douville

The pecan latte when it will be available in Canada??

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