Starbucks Coffee ☕️

Round about the cauldron go. Frothed milk atop white as snow. Maple, pecan, and brown butter adorn. The moon is full, a latte is born. ✨☕️ #MaplePecanLatte




That's how they wash the dishes too




y con ella grava ardiente y pajaros muertos


@starbucks I went and got one this morning!!! So happy!! 😍🍁


@kellienicole03 Hi Kellie! The Chestnut Praline Latte is back in stores today. 😏


That's so good loved it❤️


I tried this drink and it tasted like an unflavored latte. I had my Batista remake it and it wasn't any better. I was really disappointed, especially because my drink cost almost $6


Looks like a Turntable


@julecorthals Hjb t is alleen in usa?!


Will this come to Hong Kong?


This looks really cool!!! 😋


@starbucks Is the brown butter actually butter? Or just artificial flavoring? 🙏🏻 #PleaseBeArtificial #DairyIssues


Nice it's lit ! 🤘🏿


flauxless yes frappucino maple I tried it was awesome


@elainev517 mean a frappucino?


@flauxless tried the maple frozen coffee super good


I' NYC right now and I need these kind of leaves


The pecan latte when it will be available in Canada??




@zamek_02_priv vanilla... just like birthday cake


Pumpkin latte😍


@vaniiexoxo okay thanks so much! We will go on the website and do the same!


@twinbarbiedolls I said the same thing!! I entered the idea at


It was too sweet for me


Dumbest rhyme & meme I've seen.. Please stick to brewing coffee beans 😸☕️👍🏻

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