But Jerome was fly though lol #humpdayhumor #teammartymar #martinmojis #jeromeinthehouse #watchyamouth




Kwa kwa kwa 😂😂😂😂that's funny lol 😅😅


Yes so true


@hawk your pics look good but this is so me 😂


Man crush Monday outfit tho lol


🏆😎🏆😎🏆😎"PlayaPlaya from the Himalayas"😇👑😎👑😇👑


Dude been rocking designer. Ppl just got hip to MCM in the 2000's.


LOL....boy u know u ill! Love you! Praying 4 U!😂


1st pimp I've seen in a McM outfit during them times 👌🏾💯


Mr Lawrence I have tried to contact you for over a year I no Ur Very Busy But as one of ur biggest longtime fans a response would be appreciated please


Jerome been fly


Jerome the Smoothest dude Ever 😂😂😂


Word datt nigga had on MCM


@amber_leigh_ann 😂😂😭😭 The damn struggle...

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