@alex_anderson_0017 this is what you need to do to your squirrels


You are so lucky! Gray Squirrels seem much more tame & gentle than black squirrels. I have a black squirrel. I've had him since he was about 3 weeks old. He's about 6 months now. He does let me pet him, but doesn't let me hold him & pet him. Usually he'll lay on my shoulder or sit on my head & I pet him while he's still. When he goes to sleep in his little hut, I can reach in & he will spoon my hand (lol) & lets me let him all over. But outside of his hut he's very frisky & wants to run all the time & then he'll take short little rest periods where he 'Splats' on something. He also wrestles with my hand, which I love & he grooms me. But I want to dress him up damn it! I want to put a little business tie on him. He's not having it! Lol. So I'm very jealous that you have a tame little Gray!


The. Most. Loved. Squirrel. In. The. World.




Ternurita :') 💕


Adorable bonne journée ❤️😘😘


susinecek majinkatej !!Miluju ji !!!💖💖💖💋💋💋💖💖💖💋💋💋💖💖💖


Come ima


"Mom... Co e


Someone is going to be a Birthday Girl next week 🎂🐿️


Aw, such a baby. ❤️


Awwww! Precious!!!❤️


O M G she is always soooooooo cute ! Makes my day ❤️


Little baby Jilly, she likes being a baby


@andreazzevallos mientras te doy tu lechita :3 🐹🍼


@msdazzlebutter in case you aren't already following this squirrel :)


This is too precious!!!!!


That's so sweet mom. She's not spoiled is she? Lol. I love that.


@adremauriz hazme dormir así :'(


So nice!


@lil5050chica I follow this squirrel 😍


Those sleepy eyes💕


Such a precious and beautiful baby girl Jill!!! 😊🎀🐿️💟

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