@jimmyfallon @jimmykimmellive because she told Julius to change his email, I can't reach her. COW. 🐄




Js...Jay holds weight in my musical life too, but u were in my ears before him...Thank. Bey... Jay is a G.o.a.t Married to a G.o.a.t


Got my tail on the front...no pumped breast...I got a beard...my past says man...but if I was a girl...I'd try destroy heartbreak too...no matter what...I love u Bey...I grew up around women who listened to alot of Gospal and R & B, and may older sister admires u and used to hokd candles next to u... ...so technically...Ur voice always hit me like it was from a former life...always familiar and touching/molding me as a young man...I miss u...before all the pain...I keep running from Sasha Fierce because men are the worse students God or Life every had...a Bad Mother only learns this from a Failing Father.


More like "please pay your female workers decent wages instead of exploiting them", Beyonce.


Cello cts ce cu caul cye comen cye ce cot cot cool cye


love u plz help me @beyonce


Help me everyone by following me @mybraaboutique


Im a humanitarian


Wish u would help me!


Cike cou cike ce cev7n ceen cigga cou ceyonce ces


Ce cooks clder


Ce cgly coo cye


God bless you 💗


Особенно bm*


@iamseven.yk yep thats what i thought just like *what about BOYS!* and I'm a girl saying that so ya


Hi Beyonce how can you help me to study so that i can reach to my goal please help🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


@iamseven.yk little girl go on the Disney channel stay off of grown folks opinion go read a book and get ready for September u don’t even got a degree and u talking ur parents need to get the strap 🤣


@iamseven.yk in ur mouth or text lmaooo stop taking social media personal that’s your sister 😂stay blessed I don’t argue on social media


@stiknmov boyy why you getting butthurt stop putting words in my mouth i never said


@iamseven.yk so don’t everyone has their opinion u don’t like someone opinion keep scrolling it’s that simple 🧐

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