Yessss uplift a queen


What happen


Who run da word???????


We empower girls around the world✨@crazysweetcutewear


@calerz_7 bc boys already have more privilege than girls


Help me




@mattmurray47 the world role is stupid now. We are not living in caves now.


what about Boys?


@calerz_7 cuz girls run the world(who run the world girls)Queen Bee’s song Run The World(Girls)


Why not boys😂


We can do it




May i do that coz this girls is on fire




Can you help my girl? She has been accepted into 6 colleges. She has a 4.9 GPA. We can’t afford to let accept the offers.


I'm a girl help me lol


If you want to be part of the great illuminati brotherhood dm me as soon as possible


Um on it


Do what u do just take time from your life and reflect cuse half the time u in the mirror any wayne


u said it gurl

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