Amy Kiyah Howell

The national anthem is a lie...Cause there have never been "FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, Wlet me rephrase that NEVER been FREEDOM or JUSTICE for minorities. Plus our so called great land of thee,this country Still lack respect and support for veterans that Still lives. Which some still gets no assistance from the fake ass gov't.As for those that died and their families get played as if their love one that died or are mentally disabled gets denied and look over as they constantly seek help. So as for the national anthem it been a bold faces lie since written. So pay attention to the lyrics and the actions of this country and the government as how it's never been about the people in the first. Cause Hell Columbus was a fraud as well. So as for it being a NATIONAL ANTHEM where does truth exists within the whole song....KILLIN ME WITH NOT PAYIBG ATTENTION TO WAT REALLY FUCKIN MATTERS #HUMANLIFEMATTERS #AllLIVESMATTERS

spencer faria

Shut the f@#$@$ up


@chantal_privvvv Racism didn't stop when slavery did it only grew, now days we see people like you who have white privilege say bs about racism, just because you don't witness racism or discrimination doesn't mean others don't. Remember you have white privilege, people of color don't so were more likely to witness racism, I'm tired of seeing "WHITE" people thinking their superior.


He's not calling them slaves Jesus internet chillπŸ˜‚


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