The national anthem is a lie...Cause there have never been "FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, Wlet me rephrase that NEVER been FREEDOM or JUSTICE for minorities. Plus our so called great land of thee,this country Still lack respect and support for veterans that Still lives. Which some still gets no assistance from the fake ass gov't.As for those that died and their families get played as if their love one that died or are mentally disabled gets denied and look over as they constantly seek help. So as for the national anthem it been a bold faces lie since written. So pay attention to the lyrics and the actions of this country and the government as how it's never been about the people in the first. Cause Hell Columbus was a fraud as well. So as for it being a NATIONAL ANTHEM where does truth exists within the whole song....KILLIN ME WITH NOT PAYIBG ATTENTION TO WAT REALLY FUCKIN MATTERS #HUMANLIFEMATTERS #AllLIVESMATTERS


@chantal_privvvv Racism didn't stop when slavery did it only grew, now days we see people like you who have white privilege say bs about racism, just because you don't witness racism or discrimination doesn't mean others don't. Remember you have white privilege, people of color don't so were more likely to witness racism, I'm tired of seeing "WHITE" people thinking their superior.


He's not calling them slaves Jesus internet chillπŸ˜‚


This is the end unfortunately ☹️


@chantal_privvvv wow couldn't think of anything better to say


@kaykaycookie_13 says ur weak comebacks


@chantal_privvvv no wonder your so annoying


@kaykaycookie_13 no wonder ur such an air head


@chantal_privvvv a time zone where I do whatever


@kaykaycookie_13 I obviously do live in the world cray cray cookie the real question is what timezone is ur head in smh


@chantal_privvvv clearly you don't live in this world


Ok.... I'm white I'm offended, that bs stopped ages ago... So lax it snoop stop regurgitating old news blacks and whites get along these days and if they don't tough shit what they gonna do


I'm so glad many commenters are more educated than the person who made this & the person sharing this dumb shit. πŸ™„ #ThinkForYourself


I found Colonel Sanders' ancestor


Entitled people making millions off our country’s system and then slam it using fake news and lies to back them up.


These bitches be making millions, oh but oh let me play the small tiny violin 🎻. If you want to protest police brutality go ahead but not during the national anthem. But you see what I mean they had the right to do that


@killa_in_the_house this is Exactly why he took the knee. It sure wasn't the hell about that ugly petty ass flag of this constitution because this is sure no fukn country claiming to be built on equality......IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM RIGHT NOW WITH THE TAKING OF THE KNEE THING!!! πŸ‘Ώ


That photo makes no sense, NFL players make millions, slaves make nothing, and the guy sitting in the restaurant probably makes minimum wage. I think that as we the people came up. U will never get rid of ugly comments. BUT U CAN TRY.


@a.collins24 there is no future without a past. We can look in the rear view and not fixate on it, but be mindful of what happened in the past so we can create a better future for our fellow Americans. And police at least expect to be at risk when they're behind their badge and have adequate protection and preparedness for violent/volitile situations. Black people should not have to be afraid because of the color of their skin that they did not ask to be born with. They shouldn't feel threatened or profiled against because of illogical associations with race and criminality. #blacklivesmatter


This is retarded


I can understand people not liking the president but that's one thing don't disrespect the country that you live in disrespecting the flag isn't disrespecting the president not standing national anthem is not disrespecting the president it's disrespecting yourself it's disrespecting this country and it's disrespecting the veterans who fought for your freedom ... if you're so sick and tired of this country move Here's a thought go try living in Saudi Arabia or maybe North Korea see how you're treated over there go to... probably kill you if you don't stand for the Korean national anthem


@silent.nicolas the flag doesn’t stand for this government. That flag represents this country as a whole, a nation, and the men and women who have fought and died for our rights. It tears them apart to see people kneel I bet!!


@silent.nicolas so people that die everyday for our country. People that are not racist protects this country. At least you can do for them is stand up. Nothing to it just stand through the national anthem. That’s all!!! You don’t have military family and anyone can tell that. Stop with all the ignorance and just stand up. Racist isn’t even a real thing. It’s called being ignorant


@aaronw.419 ok I'm seeking attention got you. Have a nice day


Ice Cube say " Racist motherfuckers


@frankortank you just don’t get it. It’s a form of protest. Nothing to do with no respect for their country. But they live in a racist society with a racist government. Resistance and protest is needed.


@ujlicious1 Quit teaching me a history lesson, I’ve taking my AP classes and history and obviously know that the Americans weren’t the first one here but I wasn’t talking about the past, I was talking about what’s going on now and how some people need to respect the flag more than it is. I understand people have there rights but if your not going to stand for our flag, with soldiers that have died on the battlefield to be able to raise the flag with freedom and pride that we have, that’s pretty disgusting and just wrong but offcourse people have to prove there point nowadays to get attention.


I’m not racist by no means! But why can’t everyone just stand up for the National Anthem? People fought for this country and at least you can do is stand up for 3 minutes. We live in the greatest nation in the world so why not stand proud for that!!


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