This team never stops fighting. #RallyTogether

This team never stops fighting. #RallyTogether




That is bull


This team did awesome this year. They will be back next year strong.


This team never stops choking!


@yeyo_43 we'll see about that bum


I think it should be "This team Never stops losing"


@rybernysmael exactly you made your presence felt bro. It can't be erased.


Except for the last 3 games 🙄


good job !!!


What a season. Thanks!!


This team never stops blowing 2-0 leads


Nice choke Indians and cubs are going to choke


@cavshub the Indians choked that’s what happened


I guess y’all didn’t rally last night

Or blowing leads


@_mrfrosty_ they choked twice man


Bring Santana back


Except when they did.


I don’t know why everybody else keeps saying you guys keep blowing leads. I mean everybody chokes at least once. You guys almost had it! But I will say good job for the entertainment you guys brung this year. It was a good run and it looked like a championship for sure but it came to and end! But thanks for the great season!


@w.holden.6 yeah they did great in the regular season. But we’re sitting at home with the 60 win giants watching the playoffs


@jakefreeze10 I know wham I'm talking about, but I can recognize when a team does something good, and they did that


@w.holden.6 we failed our goal. As fans we shouldn’t make excuses for them. They don’t get participation awards. We lost to an inferior team


@jakefreeze10 why are you here if you don't like the Indians? And guess what. The Indians stars were raised through our farm systems. We don't just buy the stars from other teams like the Yankees.

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