Thank you for all of your support this season. #RallyTogether

Thank you for all of your support this season. #RallyTogether




@dodgersmania well... I guess you’re capable of runner up. Congrats lol. That’s not past years. That’s this year.


@indians ... @giancarlo818 would look great in A Tribe Uniform.


@jdemay_11 the shame of Cleveland


A fan who LOVES all you accomplished this year .... so excited to see what April β€˜18 brings ⚾️ you guys rock our world!


Choke city




Go Tribe can’t wait to see what they do next year


The Indians had one amazing season this year. Very proud of them


Cleveland Indians blow leads


@sloopy2001 it's hard to put together a winning season like we have the last 2 years. Our window of opportunity is already starting to close. That's why I'm so disappointed. In baseball you have to strike quickly when you have the chance. We may not sniff the playoffs for another 10 years. No guarantees


Next year it will be 70 years since the last World Series win...

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