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The Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, UtahVideo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez)
This site is spectacular, over 200 feet long. It's largest figures are 7 feet tall. It is the defining site for Barrier Canyon Rock Art, one of the most enigmatic styles of painting in the American West. There are at least 3 painting and engraving episodes visible here, and those elongated anthropomorphic figures are one of the most mysterious things in the Southwest.
I've been working with the 3D model I built of Horseshoe Canyon this spring. What we are looking at here is not drone footage. Instead it's a virtual camera that flies through a digital model. It's all part of the work I started when I began the @ancientartarchive last year. Our mission is to explore and preserve humanity's oldest stories as they are told on Rock and




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The most enigmatic style of painting in the American West! Great!


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