You are going wayyyy to far away jackson said 😂😂😂 flies in the air and goes toooo far away right dad?👌


Vatinni puppu io pure lo so fare


@pedrotavernaro cara oque é isso????? Se loco tio...... sem noção nenhuma


Mano o q esses cara tem na cabeça @nalessofabricio lkkk


@la_theoneandonly8 we have a motorcross track not far from my house I believe I don't think they closed it but I'll check into it for you


Go big or go home definition


Does any know the song ?


Prolly the gnarlest dude on a bike


@lanniebranham96 @motoplay112 we need a trip out west!


Damn wish you were still riding on San manuel Yamaha lol givin everyone a run for their money


The song is “I Am Hell” by White Zombie


Pretty rad other me 🤙🏼

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