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There are people that know? credit: @8factapp

There are people that know? credit: @8factapp




@oliviaschibort haha jaa vilken lättnad ändå än bara oss


@oliviaschibort väldigt skönt att det ör fler


@pepeperiel me recordo a ti así que hazlo por mi y creetelo más que yo lo se todo


Well im good at not knowing what im good at


How do u even know ur strength?


im one of these people


Same here


how does 1 third people even know theirs


and to be even more precise algorithms and mathematics so logical thinking, problem solving and arithmetic


you find out by doing as many different new things as possible untils some stuff clicks. for my self that is coding neural nets, genetic algorithms and procedural generation. just got to try every thing feesible until it hits.


@antonchegurh ikr, would love some sources


Is there any possibility that sometimes you people become the 'Researchers' here ???


Need to find them soon @sakshee_mankame


@teunbouwmans onee jij kan echt niks 😜😜


How does one find out?...


yep thats me


@simranrajgarhia you are the 2/3rds


Two third people are Jon Snow? @pratap408 @juestin.kr


Iknow but i aint working in that field which is sad.


I'm good at not knowing what i'm good at..


That makes me in the majority


Yeah 😐 sadly I'm one of the two thirds 😑


Idk either


@angie8gold δεν ξερω....Ειλικρινα...


Εγώ ανήκω Σ αυτο - εσείς? @arya_exgelastef @elenast @llaki1 @christinasz


Hahaha I just loved the caption 😂

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