67 years of #BlackLove. Peep my baby @watchjazzy’s church hat. #50CentralBET #TristenJWinger #ThugYoda #InsecureHBO @50centralbet @bet




Lmfaoooo. Hands youthful af 😂😂


Whoaaa....thas amazing! Lol


Yes to all of this


I'm mad they hit you with the moles lol.


This amaZing


😫🤣🤣🤣 hilarious!!


This picture is so ridiculous 😂😂😂




@watchjazzy ...your wig poppin baby lol💅🏽🎁


Lmaoooo Pastor and First Lady Anniversary photos


With them Morgan freeman onion roll cheeks I see you pimp.


Grandpapi with MeMaw! 😂😂😂


Breh. The prayer had me CRYING


Lookin like uncle drew.


I hate y’all 😂


Yes yall !

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