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That’s a wrap on DEADPOOL 2: A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE! Thank you to our beloved Captain, Mr. @davidmleitch... words are too clumsy to properly acknowledge your giant heart and talent. I love my hometown of Vancouver and our obscenely gifted crew. From our PA’s, (who are first in and last out) to our set decorators and prop department, riddling this film with Easter Eggs in almost every scene... Thank you. I already miss being on set. Which is why I’ve decided to continue shooting the film in my underwear from Josh Brolin’s well appointed living room. #MaximumEffort




Can i please have one of those suits in the back i know you kept a few lmao


I just realized the name "Wade" is a play on what one can do in a shallow (dead)pool..! And last year around this time was when you wrapped up DP2!


love you wade !


I make the entire universe deaf if i see Ryan Reynolds




Jooo tioooo cuantos trajes tienes🤤


OMG how many suits!!!! I need one 😭😭😭😭😭😭👺


@danifsribeiro ali do lado de fora do cambie #euvi #eutava




Golden Girls ❤️❤️❤️


Wait wait wait! 2 of that suits are Grey... X-force suit! Woooo! 😍


I just sent you a DM, wish you could help me out. It's quite important and you could save something really precious... I am quite desperate, so please... @vancityreynolds thank you


@vancityreynolds check out our documentary project on stunts in film and why there's no Oscar category for them. Would be awesome to interview you about all the crazy action stuff you’ve been doing. Feel free to check out the link in our bio and give us a shout out. Could be a huge help for us to get our film done and help the stunt community!


On the sixth pic there are a lot of suits




This man ruined and made Deadpool for me, once I saw Wolverine I figured ok maybe Deadpool wasn't really the type of character I thought he was then the Deadpool movie came out and I instantly thought that's better, dying to see the second one, plan on gold class for the first time :D


No fair I want a katana


Wa happened in the last one? Jaja


are you deadpool ???




Great!!!! 🤗


I want one of these suits in the back 😍🙈


I'm happy to know deadpool has an over abundance in outfits...youve just saved a ton of money on laundry lol


How many costumes do you have! Can i have one, please)😇


Bea Arthur hmmm well I just feel like Estelle Getty is just more sassy and fits your personality better pool boy @boostdaily


From a Vancouverite to a Vancouverite, please help save Vancouver's skyline. The city has recently approved the NEFC plan. It sucks because everyone should be able to enjoy the city's beautiful skyline not just those who can afford a million dollar view. Here's more information: http://saveourskylineyvr.ca/


Wait there’s a dead poop 2 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱❤️


X-FORZE suit? 😱


Plz say yes!


Is Arthur the name of the sword?!?!

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