3 Days




Number 3 is my number to and u are my favorite I find myself like you


Is that white jeep in New York lol


Knicks should have never traded you!


He has arrived. #Htp πŸ™Œ


My favorite player!




@allymoe__ he did last night


Hit Toronto with your pops crossover last night b...word...#UtepTwoStep


@official_knicks don’t even talk like that this nigga is a bum


thnx for the win tonight fam. Love having you here in ny. Been a big fan since draft night πŸ™πŸ»




So like can i have u?!πŸ€”


@robbychin here's your son - you better follow him 😏


That boy toughπŸ’―


Keep doin your thing neighbor haha πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽


Lebron james ?


Handsome! 😍


Tim ur my favorite player. I'm from NY and was very disappointed when u were traded. I always believed in u and I'm so happy ur killing it rn. A follow would mean lot


One of my favorites πŸ’™


Doing wonders for my fantasy keep it up legend πŸ™Œ


I believe in you timmy you got that killer instinct let's fucking goo!


Good game last night bro. Kill all the competition this your year.


Way to play boy


I knew you had that killer instinct in you it's in the DNA @timmyjr10


34 pts don’t know why people are hating on you


@timmyjr10 you gotta step it up bro they gave you the green light to score and be a leader when they paid you all that money not here to bash but new York needs your ass to ball like really BALL up 4real


You piece of shit you rob the Knicks of 73 mil you kaka ass nigga you trash bitch


Man he hasn't shown up yet


wow! what an awesome pic! sending love to you timmy


Lmao I’m super tight @obando.co


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your a fuckin wank

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